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RSC-Brand Items for Sale:

Note: the RSC Board has decided recently to modify RSC's retailing of club-branded items (e.g. golf shirts, camp shirts, hats, etc.)  to taking custom orders from a merchandise catalog and arranging the production of the branded items through a local vendor. To purchase items, custumers will need to select items from our vendors catalog, place their order through Ways & Means Chair Allen Batchellor and wait for delivery  from vendor (coordinated by Allen also).  The existing inventory of Club shirts and other items will be sold through the Club (see Allen Batchellor).  Club members wanting the Club logo embroidered on their own apparel items can give Allen the item(s), pay a set fee for the application of the Club logo on the item(s) and get the items back from Allen.  Supplying your own items is a little quicker process.

The order form (available at the Club registration desk) can be downloaded using this link:  (Order Form)

Check back for future Club announcements from the Ways & Means Committee!